Woodie Norwood

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  • To the Norwood Family
    We are truly sorry to hear about the recent passing of Woodie Norwood. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends . I hope that these brief remarks to the family will serve as words of comfort to everyone. Although I may express these words to the family and friends, I am not the source of these loving words. No in reality they come from God right from the pages of the Bible. His personal words will truly touch your hearts as they should. For the scriptures reveal God as the God of all tender mercy and Comfort. ( 2 Corinthians 1:3-4) Yes He is just that. So lets us see what wonderful remarks He provides to all grieving hearts. Often we hear others make this statement; that the only thing that is certain is death and taxes. In this world that we live in this may be so. But our Heavenly Creator has promised to bring about wonderful changes for His earthly family; yes His personal promises are certain to take place. These promise will even be extended to our departed love ones. Let’s take a look at these promises from God. First God tells us that He would rid the earth of all sicknesses and death. ( Revelation 21:3-4) Can you envision living during this time when no person will ever get sick, grow old and die? No there will no longer be a need for Hospitals or cemeteries. Why even the aging process of the human body will be restored back to it youthful vigor and appearance. ( Job 33:25) Indeed these are truly comforting words to hear and read about. Yet there is another promise that we should a listening ear to. This promise will be of great importance to all those who have fallen asleep in death. Again let us see how these verses would apply to Woodie, and billions of others who have died. So directing your attention back to the scriptures, God states that He would soon call to those in the grave, and that our departed love ones would hear His voice and stand up in life again. (John 5:28-29) Oh what a valuable promise this is . From this promise, God is giving us His personal guarantee that Woodie, and billions of others will have their lives restores back to them. So unlike the statement that was made about death and taxes always being around, these things will be eliminated from the earths affairs. Yet the surety of God’s promise regarding the dead living again is certain to take place. Does this promise sound too good to be true? Do you see yourself being reunited back with your many family members and friends? If we are not sure, or if our faith is weak in this regard, it can be built up. This can be done by reading all nine accounts that speaks about this wonderful promise from God. Here is just one such example that is recorded at John 11:32-44. I hope that all will get a chance to see how the verses apply to Woodie, and a host of others who await their awakening from the sleep of death. Again try to envision Woodie standing up in life again. Then as the years go by we will be able to witness with our own eyes the restoring of our bodies back to the time when we were young. Yes all of these things will occur because of God. Yes He has given us His personal promise. We should also have the understanding that when God makes a promise, it becomes reality. For it is impossible for God to lie. ( Titus 1:2)

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