Rosetta Ricks – 1936-2019

Rosetta Ricks – 1936-2019

Rosetta Ricks, of Marche, Arkansas departed on March 9, 2019. She was born on June 18, 1936 in Marche, Arkansas.

She married Leon Ricks in 1956; from their marriage three children were born; Keven, Ken and Patricia. She had four grandchildren Donovan, Kyndal, Adrianna and Camron and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by: Sisters Odessa, Betty and Brothers John Lee, Floyd and Kenneth.

She professed a hope in Christ at an early age united with New Life CME Church in Marche, AR.

She is preceded in death by her father, Lee Greene.

She is survived by her mother, Maryetta Walker of Maumelle, AR; brothers, Ricky of NY and Dwight of Germany, and sisters, Janice of CA. and Dorothy (James) of VA.

To family and friends, who knew and loved Rosetta, we the family wish to express our sincerest gratitude for your prayers, visits, phone calls and kind gestures. Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you so much for whatever the part.

May God bless each of you! The family of our beloved mother, Rosetta Ricks.

Special Thanks to the staff at The Manor Assisted Living Facility and doctors and nurses and UAMS.

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  • To the Rick Family:

    With heavy hearts we take this time to express our personal condolences to the family of Rosetta Rick. Our thoughts and prayers goe out to the family and friends during this time of great sadness. Yes we understand the hardship that the family is going through. All can relate to the grief that you are dealing with, since there is not one person that has not lost someone in death. (1 Corinthians 15:26) Today we can look forward to the time when this promise from God will become a reality. This promise deal with the restoring of life back to those who have died. No this promise is not a secret. It is recorded so that all may draw true comfort from. The promise states that God would call to those in the grave, and that our love ones would hear His voice and stand up in life again. (John 5:28-29). Perhaps the family and friends have read this text before. This text serves as a personal guarantee from God that Rosetta, and billions of others will stand up in life again. That Rosetta and others will be reunited back with their many family members and friends.. Oh what a loving promise this truly is. Only God , who is the source of all creative life can make such a promise, and then to carry such a promise out to completion.( Psalm 36:9). So although we have entered another period of darkness that over shadows the human family; we can have the upmost confidence that the days of brightness is just around the corner. To help all to develop strong faith in this promise, God has preserved nine accounts in the Bible that speaks about the resurrection blessing soon to take place earth wide. Here is just one such example that is recorded at Acts 9:36-42. I hope that the family and friends will get a chance to see how the verses apply to Rosetta, and a host of others who await the resurrection blessing from God. S inclosing we say please keep this promise of God near your hearts at all times. Remember that when Godmakes a promise, it always becomes reality. For God does not lie. (Titus 1:2)

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