Rosetta White – 1938-2022

Rosetta White – 1938-2022
Rosetta White was born on July 28th, 1938, to Elizabeth (Bolden) Newton, and Eugene Newton in Tamo,
Her family ultimately relocated to Pine Bluff, Arkansas where she attended Newtown Elementary School,
and Townsend Park High School. She was raised by, and later became the caregiver for, her grandparents, Constance and Lue Ella Bolden.
She was previously married to Eugene Taylor Sr., and from this union she gave birth to Eugene Taylor Jr,
and Harriett Precilla Taylor.
She later married Love of her life, Herman White and from this union gave birth to Stacie White-Byers.
She was an exceptional woman of many gifts, and talents, including cooking, singing, dancing, sewing,
and making people laugh.
She was an only child the first 14 years of her life, and when her mother unexpectedly passed away on
April 11, 1965, she became the caregiver, and mother figure of her four much younger brothers Ricky
Piggie (passed December 2012), Sampson Ellis, Andrew Ellis, and Nana Kwame Osafo El Bey. She was an
exceptionally devoted homemaker her entire life, until her health began to fail her.
Early in life, she was a member of the Palestine M.B.C, and later in 1994, joined New St. Hurricane where
she served as a member of the Senior Choir until its conclusion. She was a faithful member alongside her husband Herman, following the Church frequently on fellowship visits with other Churches, until her health declined. 
She loved music and could be found often singing and humming many tunes as she was cooking,
cleaning, sewing, or doing laundry. She loved sewing and would make a variety of alterations to customize drapes, tablecloths, dresser, and nightstand tapestries, as well as alterations to clothes.
She was an excellent cook, and would start cooking days ahead of Holidays, family gatherings, and
events. She made the best greens, cabbage, green beans, black-eyed peas, dressing, chicken spaghetti,
potato salad, baked beans, candied yams, sweet potato pie, lemon icebox pie, fried chicken and fish one
would ever taste!
Though she loved her time of solitude, she also loved social gatherings, and would frequently host guests often found being the life of the party.
She was a woman of many profound words, and if she told you something, she would commonly follow
it up with a precursory statement: “You mark my words…”, so you would not forget what she had said.
She was notorious for telling you the truth, and what you needed to know whether you liked it, wanted
to hear it, or not.
She had heart as big as the Sun and always tried her best, to acknowledge you with some tangible gift,
on Birthdays, and Christmas. She wanted you to always know, you were loved and appreciated.
She grew her own private garden filled with fruits and vegetables for many years, until developing issues
with her hips, and knees. She had a green thumb, and nurtured many trees, plants, and flowers
throughout the years. She also loved pets and had many fur babies throughout her lifetime. Most of all
she loved her family and would go to the Moon and back for them, to show them she cared.
She loved her husband and did everything she could to uphold the essence of a virtuous woman. They
were best friends and did “EVERYTHING” together. It was rare to see one without the other one, until
her health deteriorated, and she was no longer able to be by his side.
She was a fighter and survived multiple strokes, one which finally deprived her of her independence on
December 21st, 2017, during a visit to Missouri. Her loving, caring, devoted, faithful, loyal husband Herman cared for her and remained faithfully by her side until Monday April 18, 2022, at 2:00am, when
she quietly reached and took the hand of Jesus to return to her eternal home.
She was preceded in death by her parents, grandparents, son Eugene Taylor Jr, and grandson Rodrick
Rosetta’s memory will be forever cherished and celebrated by her husband Herman, stepson Alperdis
Keyes (Darnell) of Sherwood, daughter Harriett Precilla Taylor of North Little Rock, daughter Stacie
White-Byers (Brandon) of Missouri, granddaughter Brianna Clark of Texas, 3 brothers Sampson Ellis,
Reverend Andrew Ellis (Renichia), and Nana Kwame Osafo El Bey. A nation of nieces, nephews,
Godchildren, and two very special Angels of Mercy, Alexandra Conway of Missouri, and Bridgette Taylor of Pine Bluff, who provided her with tender loving care during her illness until her peaceful departure to
“May the work I’ve done speak for me. You knew I loved you, not because I told you, but because of the
way I showed you. Don’t cry for me because I’m gone, my love forever within you, lives on. Don’t
remember my time of misery during my final days here. Remember my smile, and our time spent
together and carry it, in good cheer. Don’t spend time regretting for not doing more, celebrate me
walking and talking again, and dancing through Heaven’s great door! Don’t get caught up remembering
my time of sickness and pain. Live your life for Jesus, hold my Love in your heart, and there, you will find
me again.” ~ Rosetta

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  • I deepest condolences do you all mom touched all of us in many different ways she will be greatly missed in my life and I will always remember her and I always will stay in touch with Dad stay strong family I love you Alexandra

  • Mama,
    I miss you more than you will ever know. I’m so happy you and Dad are together again. He missed you so much he could not bare life here without you. Thank you for the greatest years of my life, I’ll cherish the great times, and life’s lessons until we meet again.
    Kiss Dad for me.
    Your “Peacha Baby”
    Lynn ????

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