Antonio L. James – 1972-2018

Antonio L. James – 1972-2018

ANTONIO “Tony” or “Tee” JAMES died Oct. 31, 2018. Left to cherish his memory are siblings, Daniel, Tracylynn, Johnnie and Jasmine James; a niece; nephew; and a host of loving aunts, uncles, cousins and lifelong friends.

Arrangements by Ruffin & Jarrett Funeral Home, Little Rock, Ark. 72202. (501) 372-1305.

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  • To the James Family
    We are sorry to hear about the passing of your love one Antonio L James. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this hour of great sadness. The reporting of Antonio passing circulates quickly. His passing has touched our hearts also. So now we find ourselves on the receiving end of getting strong words of comfort and support from the many family members and friends. I know that many will be there for you. I like reminder all that God will be there for us also. Yes there is no better such of love and comfort for those who are grieving at heart over a personal lost. ( 2 Corinthians 1:3-4) So on this day, God is providing the James family true comfort . Let’s take note of the loving words that He shares with your family. His personal words are revealed loud and clear in the Bible. God tells us that He would soon use His great powers to call to those in the grave, and that our love ones would hear His voice, and stand up in life again. From this one promise, God is giving us His personal guarantee that Antonio, and billions of others will live again. That He would be reunited back with those who love and miss him. God also wants all to have strong confidence in this personal promise. So He has taken the time to preserve nine wonderful accounts that speaks about the resurrection blessing from God. Here is just one such example that is recorded at John 11:32-44. Reading the account will show all how the God of all tender mercy and comfort is providing true relief for our grieving hearts. So although is may seem that the future is dark or bleak for ourselves and our departed love ones, this is far from the truth. Just think about what the earth will be like when the resurrection of life begin to take place. For the moment when death strikes, there are constant tears falling from our eyes. But days are coming when those tears of sadness will turn into tears of joy and laughter. For what reason does this change of emotions take place? It is because our love ones lives are being restored back to them. How good it would be if we were there to welcome our love ones back to life. Yes only God can make such a promise, and then to carry such a promise out to completion. So in closing we say please keep this promise of God near your hearts at all times. May we remember that we have God’s personal promise, which serves as a guarantee that life for the departed will be restored soon. Yes remember that when God makes a promise, it becomes reality. For it is impossible for God to lie. ( Titus 1:2)

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