Elizabeth Gloston

Elizabeth Gloston

ELIZABETH GLOSTON, 93, of Little Rock, Ark. passed away on Dec. 22, 2023. Visitation will be Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 9 a.m., one hour prior to the funeral service, at Saint Mark Baptist Church, 5722 West 12th Street, Little Rock. Funeral service, also at Saint Mark, will follow immediately after visitation at 10 a.m.

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  • To the Gloston Family:
    On behalf of my Family, we take this time to express my personal condolences to the family of Elizabeth Gloston. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family during this time of great sadness. May all grieving hearts please find comfort in the encouraging remarks from the family and friends. Strong remarks of comfort will enable us to deal with the personal loss of someone who we loved dearly. We must also draw comfort from the comforting words that God also shares with us from the scriptures. The Bible tells us that God is a God of tender mercy and comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4) This statement can be seen by the comfort that God is sharing with the Ghoston Family today. Yes, God knows the pain that you are dealing with, and He has given you His personal promise that He would take corrective action to reverse the pain and suffering that all families of the earth are dealing with. Take for example God’s promise regarding the removal of all pain and suffering which would include death. (Revelation 21:3-4) Just imagine living in a time when no one would ever get sick grow old and die. Why even the aging process would be a thing of the past. However, this next promise of God will be truly remarkable. Directing your attention back to the scriptures, God tells all grieving hearts that He would cause a calling to go forth to those in the grave to begin standing up in life again. Yes, the promise is clear. There is a hope that our departed loved ones can have their lives restored back to them. (John 5:28-29) Only the true God can make such a promise, and then to carry that promise out to completion. As the scriptures reveal, God is the source of life for every living thing. (Psalm 36:9) Even if a person dies, God can make that person whole again. To assist all to develop strong faith in these promises from God, our Creator has preserved nine accounts that speaks about the resurrection blessing that is ever so near at hand. Here is just one recorded example at Acts 9:36-42. //i hope that all will get a chance to see how the verses apply to Elizabeth, and a great host of others who await their personal awakening from the death sleep of death. In closing we encourage all to please keep this promise of God near your hearts at all times. Remember that when God makes a promise, it becomes reality. For it is impossible for God to lie. (Titus 1:2)

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